Where to Find Minimalistic and Free Logo Design Templates

lWhen it comes to logo design, less is more! Read and find out where to find minimalistic and free logo design templates!


Let’s face it – a minimalistic logo is far more attractive. The bigger the better is not always a great idea.

There was a time when overdoing a logo was trendy and there is a good reason for that. The logo designers would design a logo and explore all the possibilities out there. The newest advances in technology had made too many features available and for a designer working with new features for the first time was an opportunity to experiment more.

The result was logos that looked blunt, confusing, and cluttered. These kinds of logos express nothing of importance and were voiceless. In order for a design to make a visual impact, it must be direct about the point it is making and must be sharpened. We are all lucky that this trend didn’t last logo and the minimalism returned for good.

How to design a minimal logo? Where to find minimalistic and free logo design templates?

One of the best ways today to come up with your own logo design is to use a logo maker and take advantage of the free logo design templates. By using free templates, you can easily design your own logo (for personal or commercial purposes).

Behance.net can offer you lots of great minimalistic and free logo design templates. You can instantly get new ideas for your logo, find your inspiration, and stimulate the creative juices. The templates are fully layered and come with editable text areas. You can edit and customize the templates with Photoshop or Illustrator. Everything is editable and resizable which is great as you can customize it according to your brand’s needs. The modern minimalistic look is included in all logos.

Some of the logos we like are Sweety Cafeteria, Norcold, Climb the Mountain, Design Lovers, Wall Paint Shop, Golden, Avant Garde, and others.

There are a few reasons why anyone would want to choose a minimalistic logo. For example, this kind of logo attracts attention to what is really important. A minimalistic logo helps you avoid clutter. It has an aesthetic appeal, it looks clean and tidy. And the most important reason – simplicity. A simple and minimalistic logo speaks one language.

So, are you ready to design your own minimalistic logo?

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