How to Customize Free Logo Design Templates in Adobe Illustrator

Wondering how to edit and customize free logo design templates according to your needs and preferences? Read and find out!


Free logo design templates are a great way to design your own business logo in less than 5 minutes. However, in order for your new logo to be unique and catchy, you need to customize it according to your business needs.

Regardless of the reasons for downloading and using free logo design templates, here is how to customize the preferred template in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Downloading and locating the logo template – The first thing you need to do is download the logo template. Once the file is downloaded, you need to unzip the folder. You will discover that the folder has some files. Usually, the free logo design templates have 3 types EPS, AI, and PSD.
  • Change the color of the logo – The next thing you need to do is find the perfect color. You can choose the aperture shape and double-click the Fill color (you can find this option in the Toolbar) or you can modify the color from the Color Panel. This is an easy change. If you want, you can also select each object with the tool – Direct Selection. You can change their color or add a gradient if this suits you more.
  • Recoloring the logo design template – If the logo template you’ve selected has gradient shapes, you can change the color of the logo in the gradient panel or you can select the logo group (Edit – Edit Colors – Recolor Artwork). The colors in the gradient will be automatically shown under Current Colors. You can double-click the swatch under New and choose a new color. Recolor Artwork is a great option because the more complicated the logo design is, the easier is to change the colors without messing any effects or attributes. Another great thing is that you can match any type or object to the colors of the logo. All you have to do is highlight portions with the Type Tool and choose colors from the Color panel.

That’s it! Once you’ll try, you will realize that is super easy and regardless of your skills or design experience, you can easily customize the logo according to your ideas and desires. Knowing how to edit the logo template is a great start to creating a perfect logo for personal or business purposes.

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