15+ Free Logo Design Templates for Businesses of All Sizes

Looking for a professional and yet modern logo design template to create a logo for your business? Here are 15+ free logo design templates to check out!


Today, it is easier than ever to be trendy, unique, and interesting with your business idea because of the numerous ways of promotions and advertising. We can agree that only your imagination is needed for being successful and prosperous.

Having a business logo is super important. Logos are the simplest and most effective elements for business promotion. They clearly determine the brand value and awareness of the company.

Because we live in a competitive world, it is super important to create a great logo from the start. Without a logo, you can’t expect customers to trust your brand or to purchase your products and services.

The logo has the same symbol and meaning the company’s name has.

Creating a logo is not a problem anymore. Regardless of your skills and knowledge, you can easily create a logo by yourself. How?

With free logo design templates and logo makers. The logo design templates are created by professional logo designers. They are precisely organized and fully layered and can help you create your own logo in less than 5 minutes. If you want to design the perfect logo for your business or you want to understand how it works, these beautiful and professional logo design templates are exactly what you need.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional designer or you have just started your creative business career, it is essential to have some prepared and ready-made logo templates in your collections and materials. It can be easier for you to see the final result when you have plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some of the best free logo design templates, suitable for business of all sizes:

  1. Dogsecurity (free logo template)
  2. Lotus Studio (free logo template)
  3. Rustikit Logo Creator (free sample)
  4. Fish Logo (free AI and EPS logo template)
  5. Space (free logo template AI and EPS)
  6. Fruity Pebbles (free logo template)
  7. Pix Logo (free AI and EPS template)
  8. Vintage Retro Logo and Templates PSD
  9. Free Minimal Fruit Logos
  10. Orange (free logo template)
  11. Logo Design Kit (free sample)
  12. Grape (free logo AI and EPS template)
  13. Flower (free logo AI and EPS template)
  14. 4 Vintage logo template
  15. Bunny (free logo template)
  16. Colorful free logo
  17. Fox (free logo template)

You can find these templates at free-psd-templates.com.

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